List of suggested things for carepacs:

The Troops in harms way all over the world have to buy their own supplies but sometimes they go for months without the opportunity to purchase the basic necessities. The guys in Afghanistan on the “Tip of the Spear” only get limited access to a truck that sometimes doesn’t come over unless it’s safe. After the first couple of FOB the trucks are empty and that’s where we come in and send them carepacs. Please go to AnySoldier to adopt, they serve ALL BRANCHES.

The number one item requested by the troops is Wipes (baby wipes or equivalent) Cheap is ok, Wal-Mart has the “parents choice” are the cheapest I’ve found. Guys on the “Tip of the Spear” get to shower once a week, and by shower I mean a bucket of water. Wipes are a life saver for in between “showers”.

Other things they need and ask for are:

Hand and feet warmers. It’s COLD NOW in Afghanistan, at night it goes down in the 20’s!

Hot cocoa mix

disposable razors


shaving cream

medicated foot powder






eye drops



dental floss

Beef Jerky

drink mix powder (like Gatorade, Power aid, Kool-Aid, Crystal light)

Black, OD Green, Olive Green, Camel Brown or/and White socks, TUBE socks are best because they accommodate all sizes unlike crew socks that fit 8-12 only.

boot inserts (gel, memory foam, odor eaters)

hand/body lotion

hand sanitizer

air fresheners and car air fresheners (little pine tree)


mouth wash (travel size please)

self help/marriage/parenting books

magazines on Sports, hunting, fishing, cars, racing, NASCAR, wrestling, tattoos, men’s health, working out, engines, trucks, Maxim, National Geographic, Reader’s Digest, guns, airplanes, flying, Video Game Cheat Codes, Please don’t send People, US, Star, Enquirer nor any Hollywood trash magazines where they show trashy people getting millions for being immoral drunken junkies.

candy like Jolly Ranchers, mints, lemon drops, Jelly Bellies, life savers

peanut butter

individual packs of ketchup, TACO BELL SAUCES ALL OF THEM, hot sauces

instant coffee, packs of creamers, sugar

Granola bars, Protein bars, Cliff bars

Protein drinks like Muscle Milk, Ensure, Boost

Energy bars, Snickers

Energy drinks like Monster (any flavor/color) AMP, Full Throttle, Red Bull, 5 hour energy, Rock Star, Pit bull, KMX, Burn, Blast, HOOAH!, Lightning Bolt, Buzz, etc.

Pop tarts, cereal bars, instant oatmeal, instant grits, instant breakfast

hair clippers, nail clippers

board games, card games (phase 10, UNO etc.)

Video Games (some have received Game systems from home)

DVD’s (some have received portable DVD players from home)

cards, letters and drawings that express good wishes are appreciated

BIGGEST WISH ITEM: ELECTRIC BLANKETS (most troops have generators so they can use electric blankets, even the ones that don’t have a microwave nor refrigerator)